Sunday, December 21, 2008


Didn't think this was going to happen, but I'm TOTALLY ADDICTED TO WEDDINGS. Kind of like Edward Norton (used to be a hottie, what happened Eddie??) in Fight Club except not with support groups for terminal illnesses, and not with Brad Pitt. Boo.


<----Then (1999)
Now (2008)---->

I thought the other day how nice it is that I can supplant my Facebook/compulsive email checking addictions with wedding websites, but after a few hours scrolling blogs devoted to gardenia centerpieces and the nouveau riche trendy cigar bars, I feel hungover from prolonged exposure to extravagance.

Best thing about weddings countdown list:

10) Eye-coddling color combinations

9) Bridezillas

8) Fat & bald bachelor groomsmen

7) Cake sans fondant (does anyone else think it tastes like an admixture of old person's skin and wax???)

6) Pigs-in-a-blanket

5) People "dancing"

4) The toasts...ouch, that was an uncomfortable reference...

3) Wedding rice being biodegradable

2) String quartets

1) Open bar: there for you to suck important information out of drunk relatives

Oh yeah, and that love thing too.

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Elizabeth said...

how'd your toast go? also I totally predicted that you would love weddings...they are both terrifying and addictive. and I like fondant. have you watched the "ace of cakes" I feel like we talked about this before, but anyway you should still watch it. And that's all. Look you survived the wedding!