Monday, December 29, 2008

Thunder, thunder, thunder cats

A guy named "Wormy T" posted a fan-made trailer for the upcoming Warner Brother's Thundercats: The Movie. It's good, but I think Kim Kardashian should fight Katie Price over the coveted role of Cheetara, and then maybe settle the bets on which one is the more untalented, big-boobied celeb.

Though I like the way this trailer-maker casted the movie, I don't think Brad Pitt will be Lion-O; he's too busy getting The Curious Case of Benjamin Button beaten by his ex-wife at the box office with her sugarpop ode to dog lovers Marley and Me, a film I'm fairly certain I would rather be pistol-whipped with a can of Cheese Whiz than see.

The funniest thing about this movie is that all the Gen-Xers that actually watched the show in the 80's have kids just young enough that they won't be able to take them to see it due to violence.

Also, this website is really dumb, but I suppose people need an alternate activity to do when they're not playing the Dungeon Master at their weekly D & D chapter meeting.

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