Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fat people already spend enough on food as it is

Dear Gov. Paterson,

I think it's cute what you are doing, really. Who would have thought an obesity tax on regular soda could help to mitigate New York's $15 billion deficit? This seems somewhat problematic to me because first of all, diet soda makes you fatter anyway. And second, Coke is the least of a New Yorker's worries:

  1. Bagel with schmear: 450 calories, 21 g fat

  2. NY-style cheese pizza slice: 460 calories, 13 g fat

  3. Hot dog: 309 calories, 20 g fat

  4. Cheesecake: 980 calories, 69 g fat

  5. NY strip steak: 450 calories, 28 g fat

I guess the point of this post is, does ANYONE out there listen to Paris Hilton anymore?!

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