Saturday, December 13, 2008

Before all else, be armed...thx, Nicolo

With the "cholera epidemic" raging (put in scare quotes because some people seem to think that it's N.B.D.), things are getting hairier and hairier in Harare. Or are they? President Robert Mugabe is sporting a thinner toothbrush mustache style these days, confining it to his impressively large philtrum, a trait he shares with the Mad Hatter et al.

If you haven't heard of Mugabe, allow me to fill you in on the highlights of this Zimbabwean nightmare. He's the guy who once said, "The only white man you can trust is a dead white man." Of course, when it comes to deranged dictators, he's no Turkmenbashi in the lavish personal expenditures department, but he has managed to hike Zimbabwe's inflation rate into a comfortable zone of insanity. But the worst thing of all is that dumb Hitler/Chaplain 'stache. In that centimeter-wide strip resides almost thirty years of totalitarianism and borderline personality disorder. Cute.

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