Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Milli

I heard that song the other day for the first time (I know, right?!) and when this lyric came up:
"I'm a venereal disease/like a menstrual bleed"
I went through a full spectrum of emotions, ending in amusegustment, a personal portmanteau that describes a facial contortion in between the stages of laughing and throwing up. I kind of want to know what Lil Wayne means by this, though. Clearly it cannot be temporal, because I've never heard of a venereal disease that shows up every month like clockwork and then fades away when you're 50 to hot flashes and irritability. And surely it cannot mean "a force of nature," because the former is incidental to sexual activity, both male and female, and the latter is the effect of the cause of womanhood.
So the best explanation I have of it is "I'm really, really annoying."

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