Saturday, January 17, 2009

Truck stop

I hope you clicked on the link in the last post to Bithlo. Bithlo, aka. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (because it's situated on the road to Christmas, Florida, another seedy pimple on our Nation's phallus) is easily the worst place on the planet. I like how the wikipedia article conspicuously avoids putting up a picture, because the 33 sex offenders, median CDP household income of $34,425 and etymological tidbit (Bithlo is Muskogee for "canoe") are enough to convince anyone that the image would consist of two truck stop prostitutes in Confederate thigh-highs massaging an old lecher's jowls. But if that doesn't seem right to you, image-search "Hell" and you'll see something like this, which was taken from the barfable website :

And then watch as much of this youtube video that you can stomach. 100% of the people in Bithlo are like this man.

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